International Development

Norway's youth delegate Anette Remme (left) holding her statement under CPD. 
Photo: Norway UN Mission/Sigrun Agøy Engum.

The theme of this year’s UN Commission of Population and Development (CPD) is Adolescence and Youth. Therefore, Norway brings its own youth delegate to the Commission. At 10:40, April 25th, the Chair of the Commission gives the word to Anette Remme. With confidence she speaks on behalf of youth. Read more

Ambassador Wetland holding Norway's statement on human rights of young people. 
Photo: Norway UN Mission/Sigrun Agøy Engum.

Today the 45th session on the UN Commission on Population and Development opened in New York. Norway held a statement on the human rights of young people that caused the listeners to applaud. Read more

Development Minister Holmås with UN Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos. 
Photo: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Ragnhild Simenstad.

In his first visit to the UN as Minister for International Development, Mr. Heikki Holmås emphasized the importance of women and showcasing results of development efforts in poor countries when he met with key UN leaders. Read more

Mothers with infants receiving health care. 
Photo: UN Photo/Stephenie Hollyman.

Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will be serving as one of the co-chairs for the new UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children which were launched March 23rd. The commission will work to improve access to essential but overlooked health supplies that could save the lives of millions of women and children every year. Read more

The Fourth High-level Intergovernmental Conference on Delivering as . 
Photo: Norway UN Mission/Susan Eckey.

“2012 will be a bad year for red tape and bureaucracy at the UN”, Norway’s UN Ambassador Morten Wetland concluded at a meeting about the United Nations “Delivering as One” approach. Read more