Climate Change and the Environment

"By defending the last remaining tropical forests, Indigenous Peoples are providing a critical service that is necessary if we are to reach the 2 degrees target," says Tine Sundtoft, Minister of Climate and Environment in Norway. Read more

‘We are here to speak on behalf of all the children of the world. We are the future. Promise us that you will put children first,’ was the young explorers’ message. The young explorers were from a Norwegian television series entitled ‘Mission Arctic’, who have completed a skiing expedition to the North Pole. 
Photo: NorwayMFA/Veslemøy Salvesen.

‘Temperatures in the Arctic are rising two to three times faster than the global average. This will have dramatic consequences. The rapid pace of climate change in the Arctic is a warning of what will happen in the rest of the world unless we reach an ambitious climate agreement in Paris,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Read more

Norway is working intensively to ensure that the new Climate Change Agreement will be an ambitious agreement. In an international treaty, it is important to have a focused purpose in order for it to be effective. Therefore, Norway works to secure that the Climate Change agreement will have a climate goal. This should be a goal that reflects emissions reductions and adaptation. Read more

Prime Minister Erna Solberg giving Norway’s opening address at the climate summit in Paris. 
Photo: Office of the Prime Minister.

‘It is essential to increase climate finance for poor countries in order to reach agreement in Paris and so that the new agreement can be implemented effectively,’ said Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Read more

From left to right: Mary Robinson, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Climate Change; President Joko Widodo, Indonesia; President Ali Bongo Ondimba, Gabon; President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, Colombia; Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Norway. 
Photo: AFP-Services/silvereg.

Colombia will implement an ambitious package of cross-sectoral actions and strengthened self-governance of ethnic territories to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable development. To support that commitment, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom will contribute close to 300 million USD, primarily through results-based payments for reduced deforestation. Read more